Nature shows

Domesticating feral creatures takes a special kind of girl. The kind that doesn’t mind getting her fingers bitten. Her arm almost gnawed off, despite the food in her hand.



You are dark corners

Slow hands

Fast cars

Windy roads

Longing glances

Starry eyes

Laughter that makes people’s heads turn

You’re that boy

Fond memories

Sweet kisses

Not just one

But all of you

Picking and preening

Till all there’s left of you

Optimism, daydreams

My sight slightly altered

To make you perfect

In that place

In that time

Like I knew you

From a past life.


I spent all day preparing my bait

(Preening and picking which outfit to wear)

Practiced my throw to get the perfect angle

(Taking tons of pictures with every imaginable angle)

And waited patiently as the fish gathered near

(Watched my messages fill up with inquiries)

And with every catch I filled my basket


And now I get ready to go home

(I’m thinking of putting my account on hiatus again)

And pick which lovely fish I’ll eat for the rest of the season

(Who will I fuck?)

And which ones I’ll salt and out on ice

(I’ll put a guy or two on the back burner)

So as you can tell the catch has been good. And I think that new profile pic really is the one to thank.


You’re my oldest habit.

Forgetful, heartless, selfish.

Fun, exciting, enticing.

And I’m always too nice.

Trying to treat you

like someone who means more.

But I never will be

And you’ll never change

And things will stay the same.

“I’m the chosen one. flowers never pick themselves”

Some peoples egos are so big they’re called arrogant, over confident, cocky. I am not one of those people normally. But on ecstasy I’m a completely different person. I feel as though I’m letting my ego take a nice stretch and a walk which it normally doesn’t get to do. I try to stay very humble about who I am I don’t brag I don’t boast. When I’m on ecstasy I make the orders I tell people what to do and I have no problem doing that at all. If only I could feel this way all the time at work with my friends my colleagues my mother. Maybe I should be taking ecstasy all the time just kidding.