the saddest trip

Lately the rite aid near my house has come to consider me as the saddest alcoholic. For the past week I’ve come in to buy discount liquor and paired it with something sad such as : tampons, cat food, bridal magazines and candy.


I almost had a moment of comic relief as I thought of giving the cute checkout guy my number and telling him to call me in a week while subtly eying my purchase of super plus tampons. As usual though I wimped out.


2 thoughts on “the saddest trip

  1. Love this. What would really be funny is if in addition to these items, you had a pregnancy test. I think the best part of this post though is your tags: comedy, liquor, sadness, tampons. Now there’s a bestseller title if I ever heard one.

    • Ha! If money wasn’t tight then the laugh factor alone would be enough to make me buy a pregnancy test. Thanks for the comment and I’ll keep that book title in mind.

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