It’s hard meeting someone new and right out the gate they know you. They’ve read every minute detail of your speech, dress and manner. They know your movements before you do.

It’s uncomfortable and upsetting especially when you don’t know where things are headed. It’s like walking through a maze of thorns blindfolded. You only hope that they will guide you through unscathed and intact.


3 thoughts on “Vulnerability

  1. “You only hope that they will guide you through”, by giving up your personal power to another person, you will surely fail. They are not here to “make” you happy, you are here to learn how to navigate your own happiness.
    Not to be mean, just a friendly word form someone who’s been there.

    • I appreciate your comment and know where you’re coming from, but I see the maze as more of a metaphor for relationships. I personally know who I am myself and I’m happy with that but when you invite someone else into your life it’s always confusing. That is until you find the right path.

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