Taking the leap.

I haven’t been the best at making friends. In the last ten years I can possibly count making 1 real good friend, someone who I make the effort to talk with on a somewhat weekly basis.

It’s just that I’m too eager. When I like someone and they make me happy and feel as though I can rely on them I end up being too nice. I buy presents, I make cupcakes, I write thank you cards and ultimately these big gestures that are seen as “too much, weird and awkward”.

So how does a 28 yr old woman play it cool when it comes to making friends? I have no idea. Which brings me to today’s meeting…

I’m making the leap from coworker to friend and as always I’m paranoid. I’m always afraid that my quirky, goofy, sometimes dry humour won’t mesh well with people and it’s proven to be true in the past. I really wish someone would write a book on making friends.