Stranger danger

Every once in a while I’ll get this text or a similar one out of the blue:

“Miss fucking you”

It harkens back to the days when I used to just hook up with guys, usually spontaneous one night stands. Admittedly I don’t even remember some of their names. Instead they’re kept in my phone contacts as pseudonyms like:

Jerry the cop
Hotel Joe (btw he totally ruined hotel sex for me)
Jason the Jerk
Always trying to fuck me in his car Allen (I suspected he had a live in g/f)

When I look back at some of these nicknames I feel sort of ashamed. Like, why did I give my time to some dude whose name I can’t even remember? Then I think it wasn’t all bad. Some of those guys were really fun in bed but beyond that it wouldn’t work so eventually I lost interest or vice versa and after some absence I just forgot about them. Some weren’t even worth the effort to remember because they treated me poorly.

Funny story. I used to hang out with another female member of a hook up site. We compared experiences and found we had encountered a couple of the same guys. One in particular loved texting both of us and we assumed a couple other women at 2:30 every Friday and Saturday night. Meaning he just got out of the bar drunk, horny and unable to hook up. We would laugh about it on the regular. His nickname, DUI K***** because he was always at risk of getting pulled over if he tried to hook up with someone after last call, something neither of us took him up on because we feared for that boys safety.


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