Many many many years ago I was at a grocery store with my mother. It was a small place so I was allowed to wander around by myself. It was then that I met a man who said he was going to give me a surprise. He told me to hold out my hands and close my eyes. He put his flaccid dick in my hand. I was just a child, shocked and scared. So I ran back to my mother and hid behind her until we left.

To this day I’ve told 2 people. I wish I knew how to defend myself then. I wish I could have hurt him and somehow gotten him arrested and put away, but I ran. I feel guilty till today for being so foolhardy, for letting someone trick me and molest me. I should have done something more, because who knows who else he’s done this to.

I still go to that market. Hoping I’ll see him. Hoping I can fucking hurl something heavy at him and scream and yell at him for being a sick piece of shit.


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