Thoughts while eating in a small town

There’s a cage full of cats at this restaurant. Should I be worried?

God that food was delicious. Did I just eat cat meat?

Maybe the Vietnamese are onto something…

Now I’m slightly disgusted with myself.

Maybe they were just resting there… Yeah… just a dozen or so cats just lounging in a cage.

Even more disgusted… excuse me while I go brush my teeth.


The Spaniard

Met a really funny Spanish guy today while taking the ferry to Siriraj hospital. He said 3 days ago he was skiing in Spain enjoying the fresh snow. He pantomimed the motion of skiing, sticking his face out as he swishes away with his pretend ski poles.

3 days and 30 degrees Celsius later and he felt like a fish gasping for air. After that he did a very comical impression as such. Opening and closing his mouth and flapping his gills. Somehow the man was meant to be in theatre.

The americans

Met two fellow Californians today. They had taken the same ferry and then bus from koh chang to bangkok. One of them we’ll call Swole, had his head wrapped in a t-shirt and was later revealed to be swelling from some mysterious ailment. His very casual friend, Neck Scarf could only suggest more ice and maybe a beer. Apparently Swole had shaved his head and then spent a whole day in the sun (without sunscreen) which resulted in swelling so severe that his right eye was shut and his left quickly following.

My mom took mercy on him and we escorted him and his friend to a local low cost government hospital. She then translated for Swole and filled out the necessary paperwork.

Anxiety in another country

There are times when I wish I still had anti anxiety meds or maybe a little stash of weed. But when you’re in another place, another country sometimes blogging is my only option. Especially here in thailand, where mental health is still stigmatized, where weed is still considered sinful.

So I breath and type. Hoping this will cure those thoughts that turn over and over in my head, my heart pumping ever so elevated my breath almost asthmatic.

Last day in paradise

Today will be the last day before we leave koh chang. I wasted 2 whole days because I came down with some icky flu like symptoms. But I made up part of yesterday by finally making it out to the beach  and today I’ll squeeze in some kayaking. I really don’t want to leave, this place is heavenly.

The belgiums

Met a Belgium couple riding in the same truck. They were tan and happy, new age euro hippies with big backpacks and a guitar. I instantly fell in love with them.

I learned so much

In Belgium the northern part speaks deutsch, the southern french.

If you work 5 years, 2 within the same company you automatically get a whole year off and be able to return to your job.

At one point I complimented her eyes, they were this aquamarine ocean blue. He turned around and said “I love them too” I nearly swooned. I imagine she plays guitar to him at night and they fall asleep blissfully in love. I want that.

Alone but not lonely

I saw a woman on the ferry to Koh Chang. Her hikers backpack filled to the brim, well worn sandals and a pensive look on her face. At first I felt sad for her. How lonely it must be to travel alone. Then I thought no, it must be exhilarating. To be on your own, independent from everything else, to see the world and form your own opinion, without someone second guessing you or telling you what to do. Knowing that you have the confidence to rely on yourself. It was then that I envied her.