Lustfull monsters. 

It was then that I felt my friends hand on my thigh. She was stroking th top of my right thigh. Trying hard to make it into my inner thigh. 

We had absorbed the mutual feeling in the atmosphere, women in heat,mutually aroused. 

A second later and another woman’s hand was stroking my arm as I draped it behind my friends chair. Clenching my wrist and moving up. She was a girl I had complimented while I was outside. 

I took advantage of the close quarters and groped her ample bottom as some people squeezed by behind her. 

I also fondled sone ones zipper as I smile at him. 


Fact or fiction. 

After a few more smoke and a little more vodka I start to feel itm my panties noticeably throbbing, my juices running amok. I’m horn and I need to keep it under control. 
Only problem is I cant. The drugs running in my veins the vodka mellowing me out the beat blaring my body swaying. I can’t help but want to be a sex object. To be used and fondled. Im so horny I’m verging on eslcstwcy a’s the environment stimulated me.

The build up

I went to an all male strip club tonight. Thinking of you at the end of the night. Watching those men dance for some dollar bills made me connext with all those ewomaniErs in my oast. I finally understood why men treat women as meat. When you’re in power, meat looks good. 
So as I threw my dollars bulls on some 6 oack piece of meat I felt so superior. Not superior to other women, maybe it was more of a super ultra confidence. 
As we sat there that night, every guy tried to lay their hands on me. SqueEwing my arm as I draped it on my girl friends chair. Rubbing against me as I walked by in a crowded hallway. All the attention made me drunk.