Time + crushes 

I haven’t spent much time on the site lately instead I’ve gone out to lunches with friends, birthday parties and quality time with old flames and a couple new ones. And yet I still miss you all. Quiet entities of my life except when I really need to hear your words. Reading your blogs all the while thinking of things to say. Trying to correspond as passionately as I can before I once disappear into the fog. But alas I can never quite balance the two worlds. 
Other then that I’ve developed a crush on a fairly unknown porn star. He reminds me of my first boyfriend and lately that’s where my mind has been. Nostalgia. To be young again to re-experience things before they somehow got tainted. I imagine him kissing me as sweetly as those first virginal years and then him fucking me the way I like it now dirty, fast and naughtily. 
Which brings me to my next subject. I see theres a guy doing holistic dry humping in Santa Monica. At first I laughed thinking this guy must get laid a lot. Like what kind of women could resist not fucking him after getting all worked up? Then I remembered some women have more self control then… me. Apparently women say it takes them back to a more innocent experience with sex. What do you think? 


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