The moment

I wanted to kiss you immediately upon seeing your smile. 

Deeply passionately intensely. 

My arms around your neck,  my hands in your hair. 

Beckoning you to tongue my wet warm mouth. 

Your hand on my throat pulling me in deeper, then dipping down to my plump tits. 

A shiver builds into a moan. 


Missed connection

You told me to come have a drink if I didn’t want to go home. And so I came but you weren’t there. I stared into my empty glass still a whiff of whiskey. Wondering what could have been. Would I see you again? Were you the one? Two people in a big city having a chance meeting. Something movies are made of, but we would have no happy ending. 

She can never hide

She can never hide from me 

Underneath the boisterous laugh 

That sly smirk 

Her childlike enthusiasm 

Underneath it all were those sad eyes 

The quiet pauses 

The way she looked down into her glass 

Remembering something so long ago 

She’d come back with a smile 

Trying to fight off the darkness