Expectations and priorities

I’m sorry I’m mad at you

I put expectations on you

When I knew who you already were

I know you aren’t that guy

And you won’t become him anytime soon

You won’t drop things for me

I’m not your number one priority

And I should just accept that


Your mom is not black

She is caramel macchiato

People are disappointing. Not in a bad way. It’s usually not their fault even. It’s usually a mood. Right now I hate everybody. Everyone is very annoying except for the few point of light in my life.

Even my man Tatsu, most excellent of sushi chefs is starting to look a little low. Tonight he’s not his usually half drunken jovial self. Tonight he looks overworked, tense and trying just a little too hard to effect his usual light hearted ness.

Everyone seems to be dragged down these days by life. We’re missing that spark. That giddy up that made us all attracted to each other in some way.