Half truth

Whenever I feel this sadness I tend to break up with the guy I’m casually seeing. I’ll tell him i think it’s best if we not see each other anymore because I like him more than he likes me. Or maybe he’s moving away sooner or later and I use that as an excuse. Now while these excuses are kind of lame but actually true I’m mostly doing it for one reason, to test the waters. 

What I really want is for him to fight for me. Fight for a relationship. Most of the time they usually just agree and it just makes me even sadder. 

I’m deflated and no one really loves me or wants me. 


3 single tears

I remember when I was younger and I would feel this way. An overwhelming sadness due to an accumulation of things. I never knew what it was exactly that brought it on or exactly what to focus on while I was sad. Rather it was like my heart was just tired and heavy from all the crap I had absorbed. 

Back then I would lay in bed and just sob. Body heaving, snot inducing sobs. Racking my body, feeling myself shudder and shake. 

Tonight that feeling came back, welcome old friend I said to myself. I was momentarily happy as I thought about how long it’s been since I felt this way and then suddenly a sad song came on my random playlist and I sank back. 

 I laid here quietly and three tears ran from my right eye. I felt them stream down my face and felt as though I could hear them dropping onto my pillow. And that was it. 

I don’t know if I should be worried that it’s come to this. Or maybe I should be happy that I’m not as distraught as I use to be, or maybe I’m just handling things better now that I’m older. The poetic me wants to say that maybe I ran out of tears and the silly me says maybe I have to start rationing. 


I want to spend all day in bed with you 

Talking about us 

Our past present and future 

Knowing every detail 

Each scar and where you got it 

I just want to get to know you 

I’ll answer every question you have 

And inbetween I’ll kiss your chest as I lay my head close to your heart 

Hoping each one penetrates the skin and soaks into your feelings for me. 

Dear phillip

Even though you broke my heart I still want to thank you. You were the first man in my life who was smart kind and intuitive. You spoke honestly about everything and when you knew I liked you beyond our casual relationship you had the balls to sit me down and talk to me like a real man and face the consequences of that talk. 
You gave me the courage to be straight forward and honest with the men in my life because you were an example of how beautiful that could be. I wish things didn’t end as they did. You’re such an amazing and gentle soul. I hope you find what you’re looking for, even if it wasn’t me. 

I want to love you 

When I say I miss you, I really want to mean it 

When I picture the man of my dreams, I want his face to be yours 

When I come home, I want you on my doorstep 

And for the hugs and kisses I give you to be deep and real 

But they aren’t and maybe they will never be 

But I keep playing this game hoping that things might Change 

A moment

When I take pictures it’s usually scenary. Rarely ever people except for maybe the occasional family photo that my mom makes me take. Usually I’m trying to pictures that make me feel happy. A waterfall, some greenery, random animals I encounter. Last week I saw a fat slug climbing the steps at the temple I had visited after reuniting with my family overseas. He wasn’t impressive beyond being above average sized. But it was the high of seeing my family and missing them, before all those messy feelings of resentment settled in. 
My photos are always trying to capture a moment of happiness. Something I can’t seem to keep a hold of.