The devil

He surely was the devil. Tall, fair, handsome and charismatic his voice as deep as an ocean willing you to come out into the water like a siren song.

In his command was a harem of women, each one equally as willing to do as he bade as the next. Plucked out of obscurity, out of mundane lives he gave us things we never knew we wanted. Fulfilling dark desires that had scared us before.

He never made us do anything rather he commanded and we obeyed willingly. Together we swam in sin. Hoping to please him in any way possible so that he may glance at us lovingly even for a second.

I still remember his hand around my neck. At the delight of his grip, slowly closing my eyes and surrendering to him. After he came he would hold me close and tell me that I was his to use as he pleased.

If I had sold my soul to him the world could have been mine. Whatever I wanted from whatever man I could bewitch and he would give me the tools to do so.



It was a warm spring day as we lay in the park. My head on your stomach as we both read from our books. I enjoyed these days best. The silent companionship, the ability to be together but in different worlds. The comforting feeling of your hand on my shoulder.

I turned my face to kiss it, your fingertips lingering on my lips. I look up to see you smiling at me. Suddenly I’m too distracted to read, getting up on my knees to  straddle you and kiss you. Your book dropping to the ground as your hands reach up to cradle my face, bringing me back down to you, kissing deeper and closer.

I can feel you getting hard between my legs and take a look around.  Finding us alone, I reach down to caress the bulge growing underneath your pants.

At first you’re shy, but then you grab my hips and move back and forth. Licking your lips as you tempt me further. My clit pulsating against your cock I get up and extend my hand.

“I think it’s time to go home”


I was in the neighborhood today so I drove by your house. Parking on that hill looking into your bedroom window.

What a fool I was hoping you’d be home. That you would see me and that’s all it would take for us to reunite.

That you would kiss me like something romantic movie poster. Pressing me against the hood of my car as you moved a strand of hair from my face. Seeing that familiar smile. Forgetting the last time I saw you, we were in tears.

But you weren’t home and I sighed a heavy sigh and started my car. Goodbye old love.