Phantom lovers
Passing through my soul
Temporarily possesing me.

Their arms around me
Dissipating into vapor
Their grip never lasting for long.

Kisses evoking memories
Touching back on some long lost feeling
Bordering on being tangible

Eventually i wake up
Shake it off
And move on to the next ghost.


Power outage

In the last couple of posts I mentioned, electricity. Something I’ve been sorely missing. And no offense to the men I’ve been with lately, but I just haven’t been feeling it. It’s not so much the sex that’s lacking but rather the excitement, the sparks. 

I no longer feel the urge to grab a man’s collar and pull him toward me. To take his hand and direct him toward some waiting sensual spot. Somethings missing. I don’t feel that internal tug of excitement. 

I’m waiting for an intoxicating man. One who makes me laugh and feel silly and giddy with desire. Or plunges me deep into exotic tales. I want a man who I respect, so much so that my mind races and tells me, “I can’t wait any longer, touch me, tease me, kiss me”. 

Respect you say? Yeah respect for me is a huge turn on. How do you get me to respect you? Have your life together or short of that, have a passion in life. Show me you have drive, heart and courage. 

I remember her fondly. Her purse in the crook of her elbow as she perused the bins. Each one holding some strange tentacle or clawed monster. She deftly trusted a hand and inspected a fish. Eyeing it face to face she blinked and it did too. Surely a bad omen. 

And then she turned to smile at me. Her false teeth never sitting right, her smile was always a little crooked.